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Contact details and transport


If you have enjoyed the approach to restoring and conserving evident at Restoration House you may well find this old farmhouse much to your taste as the same aesthetic principles have been applied to both. There are few mod cons and no swimming pool. This is truly a place to get away from modern stress and the rental rates are remarkably reasonable.


Car Hire

Car Hire is generally expensive in Italy. 

If you do use one of the big companies be careful to check whether the quoted prices include comprehensive insurance, which usually add 40-75% to the cost. You don't have to opt for the fully comprehensive  insurance but the car hire companies will definitely browbeat you into taking it if they can, and if you don't you will have the anxiety of worrying about paying dearly for a minor scrape.



Getting There By Air: the nearest international airports are Perugia (Ryanair), (about 50 minutes drive), Florence (90 minutes) Pisa or Rome (about three hours drive).  All have direct flights from the UK. Most have flights from continental Europe;, Rome has flights from several US cities, as well as the Mid-and Far East and Pisa from New York.



Nearest Airports: Perugia (40 mins); Florence 90 mins; Pisa and Rome (3 hours)


For availability please contact:
Anna Maria Redi            Tel:   +39 335 8413699