In Our Garden


16th August 2013,


Our Mediterranean summer has faded into mercurial August, changing from sunshine to sultry grey, from cool to hot, close to windy and back again. 


Still not much rain, which keeps the bore hole busy. 


Whether against pewter skies or blue, the plant lighting the way this week is the spectacular Torch Lily (Kniphophia uvaria nobilis-AGM). Big fat candles of softish orange and yellow tower into the sky, reaching 6-8 feet in front of the big yew Witches Hat and next to the slightly dusky purple of Agastache 'Black Adder', which Sarah introduced this year. 



It was supposed to be 3-4 feet high with Nicotiana Lime Green to the side and bright purple Verbena and muddy pink Echinacea behind. But maybe because of the wet spring it has bolted up to almost shoulder height and now looks perfect between the two stands of pokers, leaving the greens and pinks craning their necks to be seen and the Verbena all but invisible. Perhaps we'll move the Verbena to the front next year but after its winter re-vamp and deep mulch of home made compost most of the the top border is thriving and has been a joy all year. 


Despite a lot of dithering on our part on what to plant, Sarah has done a brilliant job. 


Further down - in the far border - the two big Hibiscus - purple and dirty reddish pink are  in full flow with Clerodendron Bungei coming into flower above,  leading on to a splash of sulphurous Ligularia against snail pitted black leaves, with pale mauve Veronicastrum and  the smaller, smoky blue Hibiscus with its red eye behind.  


Over in the Tudor Garden Charlie and Pete have gone into over drive, competing with each other to see how fast and straight they can lay their bricks. They've nearly finished the Western section of the Hampton Court Wall, complete with water spouts. The brick on edge to cap it off should go on tomorrow. 



Meanwhile, Connor is laying ribbed blocks of clunch in the tunnel, the lime white so blinding in the sunshine you can hardly look at it. Once the bridge is in place above though, not much direct light will penetrate, and the lime light should glow softly in the gloom to light the way.....


The forecast is for rain.. let's hope it delivers.